The most popular form of highlight reel is a student athlete highlight reel. Most of these are for proud parents wanting to have a professional video put together of their childs athletic talents, so they can remember it for years to come. Others want a professional video put together in order to send it out to colleges and recruiters alike, in order to try and obtain scholarships, etc. Highlight Reels can also be for students in marching band, concert band, their own band, anyone involved in theater or performing arts, and basically anyone involved in an activity that they want to have professionally filmed and edited. If it's a student athlete highlight video, I can film each of their games and then edit it down into a professional video you can send off to colleges for recruiting purposes, or just to keep for the family. I can also take your videos that you have already filmed yourself, and edit those into a highlight video.

Since there are many different ways and events that are covered under the Highlight Reel section, I don't have any set prices, I just offer you the option of contacting me for a quote. If you send me an email to get a quote, just tell me a little about what it is you're wanting me to film, if you're wanting editing, how many games are in a season if it's for an athlete, etc. I will then send you a quote, or you can also call me and we can discuss what you're wanting and I'll give you a quote over the phone.


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