If you have boxes and boxes of old VHS home videos, one of the best ways to preserve that memory is by having your videos transferred to DVD. DVD's last up to 10 times longer than VHS and other formats, and also have much less issues during playback, such as tracking and focus issues, playback speed issues, tape jams, etc.

The prices listed below are for tape transfers with basic editing. It is for 1 DVD copy per transferred tape (up to 2 hours per tape). If you are interested in having your home videos edited more creatively, click here for my Video Editing page containing prices for editing.


VHS or MiniDV to DVD

$15 per tape (up to 2 hours each)

$7 per DVD Duplicate

(If you just want 1 tape transferred to DVD, the total cost will be $15. If you want 1 tape transferred and then want 1 extra copy of that DVD, it will be $22, and so on.)



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