Video editing is another one of the main services that I offer. This is also what I am most passionate about, as well as what initially got me interested in Videography. Whether I am editing video that I filmed for you, or video that you shot yourself, I take great pride in each and every one of the videos that I edit.

Video editing is included in every wedding package except for the Basic package, for which I offer video editing as an add-on. I also offer editing for home videos, raw footage from weddings, student athlete videos, and basically any video that you want edited. If you have a bunch of old home videos for example, and you rarely watch them because there are so many of them, I can consolidate all the best parts of each tape down into one video that will be a lot more fun to watch than just watching all of the raw tapes one by one.


Video Editing: $75 per hour

I offer video editing by the hour, as well as a per-package price if you are wanting some type of filming to go along with the editing. Just contact me for a quote if you want to get a package price to go along with your video.


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